Richy Mon, Co-Founder of Omega Brand, is a Fort Wayne based entrepreneur who has been self-employed from a very young age. He was first introduced to the industry as a kid who helped his parents at their family businesses, but soon branched off to start on his own ventures. 


     In the 6th grade, Richy found a interest in dance and hasn't stopped dancing since. From b-boying in his garage to long night rehearsals for his high school dance team, his passion for the art intensified. Fast forward to the last 4 years, Richy has performed and choreographed professionally all over the country. He has been able to work with countless dance teams, music festivals, prestigious beauty shows, VEVO music artists, app developers, dance conventions, and many more. 


     Along with his respected dance career, Richy is heavily involved in creating and producing videos with his business partner, Aung Lin, constantly filming many different events with their company, Omega Brand. Along with their filming, both founders have since dove into the clothing & apparel industry as well. Extremely pleased with the overwhelming support, the two have not stopped with consistently working towards the next step in the company.


      Going to school and working all his life, Aung realized that the life he was living was not what he envisioned when he was younger. With the pressures of his peers and family to pursue a secure life and go the college route, he forgot what he loved to do, which was film.


    After jumping through different healthcare majors and ultimately failing out of nursing school, he finally realized that this was not the path for him. He reignited his spark of film, as well as getting consumed by the pursuit of success and happiness.  

     He could have not done this alone; with the help of one of his best friends, Richy Mon, who motivated him to snap out of his comfort zone, they ventured into the realm to pursue something greater. This being Omega; the creation being the last letter in the Greek alphabet which represents the end to being comfortable and pursuing your dreams.

     Now Aung is working diligently to complete his schooling while working a regular day job and as well as improving Omega. Aung and Richy are aiming to be the pinnacle of success.